Deodorize Your Kitchen: Some Tips and Tricks

Deodorize Your Kitchen: Some Tips and Tricks

No matter how often you clean your kitchen, stenches of everyday life will still be around and getting cleaning services in Pennsylvania won’t always be enough to keep the stink away, you still have to do your part in making your home a safe and healthy place for you and your loved ones.

There are ways that you can eliminate these small inconveniences and Star Bright Cleaning Service is here to share those with you.

We provide quality cleaning services to homes, offices, hospitals – you name it! So we can confidently say that these tips will do the trick. Take a look:

  • Clean your trash bin.

    Yes, garbage tends to stink, but don’t forget to clean and disinfect the trash bin too. Sprinkling some baking soda or using a deodorizing pod can help remove the stink.

  • Don’t forget about your fridge.

    We store our food inside refrigerators to preserve them. This results in the mixing and mingling of different aromas.

    Do a weekly cleaning of your fridge to avoid smells and store an open box of baking soda to absorb stenches.

  • The dishwasher.

    You can prevent smells from your dishwasher by rinsing the dishes beforehand to prevent food from sticking and smelling or you can make use of a dishwasher cleaning tablet once a month.

  • Freshen up your cutting boards.

    For plastic cutting boards, you can easily just pop them in the dishwasher. Wooden cutting boards can be cleaned using a lemon half dipped in salt.

If you have a busy schedule, don’t worry. We offer General Cleaning Services in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and we’re happy to do the job for you. Just give us a call.

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